Nefertiti the queen (2)


Nefertiti was not an ordinary queen like others of Egypt, She was a unique Character that hardly anyone could match.

The Queen who immortalized the meanings of love and loyalty  

 Mystery surrounded every detail of her life even her death, The controversy among specialists about  her origin and  homeland prolonged.

Some considered her that a foreigner came to the royal court who was teeming with them in the palace, while others said that she is the daughter of King Amenhotep thus she is the sister of her husband Akhenaten "Amenhotep IV".

Nefertiti's husband


As for other, she was from another wife of Amenhotep III.

But most of the researchers have confirms that.

Nefertiti is an authentic  Egyptian girl who grew up in a usual family, and she has never belonged to the royal house, but she received (got) honor after marrying from Akhenaten, and her sister also got the same honor after her marriage from Poplar Hore Moheb who later ruled Egypt.

Her father recommended her at her wedding to the young king Akhenaten to stay next to her husband and tighten his arm.

king Hore Moheb

Thus, the historians told us that Nefertiti was a specific wife to her husband in his reforms and his right hand in his works and projects, that she not only shared the throne with him, but also shared his mother and his hopes, and followed him as a wife, advisor, friend and companion, and so is the case of every faithful, wise woman, and King Akhenaten loved Nefertiti very much, and the excitement still showed us his image while he was at her side, and the sun's rays radiated over them, and they were surrounded by a halo of light, in sum, Nefertiti appeared with him in all the inscriptions that were left behind from Tell el-Amarna, whether it was in the temple or the village.

   Nefertiti got a share from her name that means Atet the beautiful despite her images next to her husband were not aesthetically pleasing , whereas she inconsistently appeared  she seems to be a long neck, a sloping forehead, and a big belly.

but the ancient Egyptian artist has wonderfully  shown her in other statues, her physiognomy appeared to suggest the softness, vitality and feminine beauty like her bust that was discovered in 1912 in Berlin in Germany.

This statue is one of the most famous ancient Egyptian artifacts it is a colorful limestone bust more than 3200 years ago,  the bust of Nefertiti has become one of the most impressive pieces of arts, as a star in the sky of Berlin museums, it is considered the most famous of statue of ancient art, only the statue of Tutankhamen is comparable to him in fame.

Unfortunately, it was an amazing surprise!... many of the art critics believed that the statue is not original.

That I will deal with in the next object.

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