September 2023

Assyrian queen Semiramis

I will meet you at the Semiramis Hotel, or we will listen to the Italian opera Semiramis tomorrow, and you may have seen a movie with the sa...

Metawh1 27 Sep, 2023

Library of Ashurbanipal

The Assyrian Empire was the greatest kingdom until the seventh century BC, the Assyrians called it the “King of the World.” The greatness ...

Metawh1 26 Sep, 2023

Architecture during the Assyrian era

The Sumerian state collapsed around 2004 BC, and the region was swept into a period of chaos that lasted for nearly a century. After that, ...

Metawh1 25 Sep, 2023

“Darius” tripartite inscription in “Behistun

King Darius left us an inscription on a high rock in a mountain range near Hamadan.  The credit for identifying this monument and deciph...

Metawh1 8 Sep, 2023