October 2023

The legacy of the East in Roman civilization

The Ancient East, especially Syria and Egypt, played an important role in the history of the Romans and their civilization, and this role ...

Metawh1 28 Oct, 2023

Arab-Islamic civilization...and the reasons for its decline

Civilization is a human act, capable of growth and progress, and it is also vulnerable to corruption and loss. Research into the causes ...

Metawh1 25 Oct, 2023

The scholar Alhazen and his relationship with the rulers

Alhazen (Al-Hasan bin Al-Haytham in Arabic language) is one of the most famous Arab scholars in the field of mathematics and astronomy, h...

Metawh1 24 Oct, 2023

The Roman epic The Aeneid

It is a powerful Latin national poetic epic that records complementary events to the Odyssey, just like the Iliad. although the author of t...

Metawh1 23 Oct, 2023