Pharaonic masterpieces 3

 fantastic bracelet

This bracelet, which almost catchesthe eye, is an Egyptian bracelet, made of pure gold, dating back to thebeginning of the period in Egypt, more than 2000 years ago.

And we see many wonderful shapes on it, including a statue of the Egyptian goddess (Isis) and the Greek idol (Aphrodite), the goddess of beauty … this is in addition to the snake!

This bracelet is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

fantastic bracelet

Habi's ring!

This is an ancient Egyptian gold ring, he is about 3400 years old

It is a ring with a rectangular frame bearing a cartouche with the name of the king (Amenhotep II), who ruled during the period between (1427 - 1401 BC) during the era of the eighteenth dynasty in the modern dynasty .. around the cartouche we see the God of the Nile (Habi) from both sides

This Egyptian gold ring is now in the British Museum in London

an ancient Egyptian ring

Awesome  necklace… in the Egyptian Museum

This is a wonderful Egyptian necklace made of gold and turquoise beads, and it dates back to the era of the twenty-fifth dynasty (Nubian dynasty), the dynasty that ruled Egypt during the period between (760 - 656 BC), this necklace is distinguished by its inclusion on three heads of rams, and the rams were associated with a number of ancient Egyptian deities, the most important of which of course (the god Amun-Ra), whose worship remarkably spread in the country of Nubia, this wonderful Egyptian necklace is now in the (Egyptian Museum) .. but not the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but rather the Egyptian Museum in Barcelona in Spain.
awesome necklace

Trousseau in Ancient Egypt

Thus and in this way that you see in front of you (the Louvre Museum) in Paris, these ancient Egyptian (home furnishings) dating back more than 3200 years! What we see before us; It is a set of home furniture that contains.

1- A chair (as if it were a part of the dining room).

2- A white chest (like a wardrobe in the bedroom).


3- A large basket with a lid, and two small baskets (like kitchen cupboards).


4- A comfortable seat (to be placed in the lounge room, of course, or perhaps for the lady of the house to sit in front of the dresser when she was getting dressed).


5- Broom (like a day vacuum cleaner).

6- This is, of course, in addition to the bamboo mats on which these furnishings were placed, as if the ancient Egyptian were telling us that he had furnished his house completely, so that he did not forget the (luxury carpets) with which he covers the floors of his house!

These wonderful furnishings, which were found in Deir el-Medina area, west of Luxor, date back to the era of the New Kingdom, during the period between the thirteenth and twelfth centuries BC.

ancient Egyptan furniture

Don't be surprised… it's Yuya!!

Yuya was a great figure during the eighteenth dynasty (1550 - 1292 BC), where he held a high position at that time. Yuya married Mrs.Toya, whose mother was an important lady in the palace. And the supervisor of clothes at the royal court.

The couple (Yuya and Tuya) had many children, but the greatest of them was (Queen Te); That queen, whom time has longed for unmatched. Queen Tiye is the wife of King Amenhotep III, who ruled Egypt during the period between (1391-1353 BC), and the mother of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaten)!

Yuya's statue

As for this limestone statue, painted in wonderful colors, it is a statue of the Lord (Yuya) in the form of a bird with a head, and it represents the (ba) meaning (the spirit) of Yuya’s spirit, that spirit that enables the dead to travel throughout the earth and hereafter as well (according to the Egyptian Old belief).

Here we see Mr. Yuya's face painted red, with beautiful green wings, and a yellow body, and he wears a necklace from which a heart-shaped pendant hangs. This magnificent statue was found in (Tomb of Yuya and Tuya) in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor. it is now in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.



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